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Lisbon Telephones -
Just Dial the Number!

Throughout the city, you can find a lot of Public Lisbon Telephones available to you.

Call home, tell your friends and family how great it is to be here and invite them to come too. Lisbon is expecting them!

Just dial the number and you'll be redirected to the ones you love. You can pay with coins, phone-cards and, in some occasions, credit cards.

You can buy a phone-card in a newsstand near you (you can find one in almost every corner of the city).

This is the cheapest way to phone home.

If you prefer, you can also phone from the hotel, though you must be prepared to be charged much more for the same service.

Lisbon Mobile Telephone.Bring your mobile phone with you if your mobile phone company provides you the service of roaming or international calling.

It will work ok! 

You see, Portugal has a very good (in fact, state-of-the-art) telephone system with a broadband network and high-speed capabilities.

You can also use the Internet to phone using one of the Internet phone call providers like Skype.

All the numbers in Lisbon start by "21".
Portugal telephone code is the "351".

Check out the Internet availability in Lisbon.

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