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Where can I find it? Check out the Lisbon Map.

Take a look at the Lisbon Map and see it's amazing location - all surrounded by water. Well... not all, but a large part of it at least.

It's located precisely where the Tagus River (Rio Tejo) meets the Atlantic Ocean and this makes of Lisbon one of the rare capitals that face the ocean...

And when you think of all the capitals in mainland Europe, Lisbon is the most western of all!

Lisbon Portugal Europe Map.

For those of you who like to know locations in more detail, Lisbon is situated at 38º 43' North, 9º 08' West.

So, this is the Map of Lisbon with the precious help of Google Maps Technology. You can see it bigger or smaller or you can explore it following to North, South, East or West.

View Larger Map

I'll put more maps in the site where appropriate to help you get to the places I recommend. So don't worry about it. Just take a look to see what Lisbon is like in the map.

Check out the Metro (Subway) Map.

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