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Been in Lisbon Portugal?
Tell us about it...

Have you ever been to Lisbon Portugal?

Yes? Great! Were you a tourist? A student, perhaps? Have you lived here for a while? Or are you currently living here?

It really doesn't matter. What matters is the great stories and the adventures you have experienced here!

Did you stayed in a great hotel with excepcional service? Ate in an amazing restaurant? Or visit a splendid monument or museum?

What about the people in Lisbon Portugal? Did you find the love of your life while you were here? It can happen... As I told you in my about me page, I found the love of my life in a trip to Israel! So it can also happen to you.

Tell us about it! Share your stories with the rest of us.

Do as Gabriela, who lived in Lisbon Portugal for three years while she was studying, and tell us your experiences. Read what she wrote:

"When I lived in my beloved Lisboa as a student, humble fishermen invited a whole group of us to share their freshly grilled sardines by the shore of the sea. Portuguese hospitality has few rivals."

Read her full story here.

Or you can read Stephen and Karen amazing bycicle adventure.

But perhaps you had a bad experience... In that case, tell us about it as well! Those stories are precious to those thinking in visiting Lisbon Portugal.

Inspired enough? I hope so. What are you waiting for? Use the form bellow and allow me to share it with the world...

Share your story with us!
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By submiting your story you allow me to publish it. However, I'm not obligated to do so. I reserve the right to only publish stories when the content is approppiate to all kind of public. Thanks.

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