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Lisboa and why I love Lisbon and Portuguese People

Lisboa (Lisbon) is how the Portuguese call their capital. The name alone sounds soft and melodic.

Approach this city in the early evening via the long bridge, which crosses the river Tejo (Tagus)...

Lisbon Brigde - Ponte 25 de Abril.

Marvel at the deep blue waters below. See countless white buildings which are lit up by late afternoon lights.

The houses are spread out over several, prominent, green hillls. Those mounts seem to crown the river.

You will fall in love it all. 

Lisbon View.

No wonder, Ulisses founded a great town in this location, milleniums ago.

Over time, history blessed Lisboa with am amazing population.

Belem Tower - Manuelino Style.Remarkable architecture of all kinds sprang up. Its most captivating may be its Manuelino style with water spitting, sculptured dragons.

Also, exotic snakes, ocean monsters and small leaved plants are carved in stone in this fashion.

The latter reminds far away discoveries by the Portuguese explorers. They left traces of Indian, African, Malay and South American cultures which adorn Lisbon buildings of merit and often great size.

Indeed, the Portuguese people were also formed by their seafaring urge and curiosity.

In fact, it is the ocean which plays the biggest part in Portuguese personalities. Many are deeply religious for many reasons.

Fado songs like 'o barco negro' (the black boat) are symbolic for the fragile fisherman life. But not only the sea has claimed many husbands, brothers or lovers of a Lisbon girl or woman. Sometimes, the earth shakes in this former Greek metropolis.

A deep melancholy called Saudade marks the soles of Portugal's capital. However, the word also stands for love of adventure,  music and all kinds of art.

People in Lisboa like to live a full life. Their cuisine where Port wine may play a part is often rather sophisticated. 

Lisbon residents don't only love socializing on its varied, inviting beaches, in flower filled parks, in the town's many caf├ęs and alluring and charming or impressive restaurants. They will even entertain a person, whom they know only little, in their homes.

When I lived in my beloved Lisboa as a student, humble fishermen invited a whole group of us to share their freshly grilled sardines by the shore of the sea. Portuguese hospitality has few rivals.

I tasted the best goat cheese not far from the city of the Tejo in a rough country called Serra da Estrela/Star mountain). A poor elderly relative of a Portuguese friend invited us at the time to spend a night in her home.

Christmas in Lisbon.My best Christmas ever happened by chance in the old Lisbon quarters.

There, lovely owners of a small inn opened its doors for us. They could just have sent us away. 

Everything else seemed to be closed on this holy day's eve. Instead, they spoiled us with their own food and wine, while the son played the guitar for us. Never, would they have taken a cent for it all.

Chances for au pair students to find loving host families in and around Lisboa are very promising, indeed.

Again, the main reason for it are the hospitality and big hearts of Lisbon people.

Going from Lisboa to Tenerife holiday home insider would take you to the author of this article, who is living proof of the greatness of the Portuguese capital and its people.

Do you also have a story about Lisbon? Great memories perhaps? A great experience in a hotel or restaurant? Met a wonderful person? Please share it with us. We would love to read it!

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