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Lisbon Practical Information 

I wrote this page to give you some Lisbon practical information so you can be prepared when you come to visit us.

As you know, in this world there are many different cultures and social habits, as well as an immense diversity of peoples' tastes and ways of doing things. 

After all, that's the beauty of it.

So, when visiting a new place some questions come to our mind. 

Here are some examples of questions I usually have:

Emergency Practical Information

In case of emergency you have these resources available to you:

Wrong Parking in Lisbon.Oops... looks like someone was caught parking in the wrong place.

This guy (or girl) will have to pay the ticket to release the car.

Next time you will have to pay more attention to where you leave your car!

I took this picture in Lisbon Downtown (Baixa), a difficult place to park your car...

But don't you worry!

All the information you need is right here
(or will be since I'm still working on it... Smile) and your local friend (me) is also here to assist you.

If you have any question not covered here, please contact me and I will answer you quickly. 

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