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What's the time?
Lisbon Time and Date

Right now the Lisbon Time and Date are the following:

During Winter months, Lisbon and the rest of Portugal (except Azores), the time is equivalent to GMT or UTC time.

During Summer months or Daylight Saving Time (DST), the time is GMT+1.

DST starts in the last Sunday of March and ends in the last Sunday of October (when Winter Time starts, of course).

This means that if are coming from the UK or Ireland you don't need to change your watch because the time is the same as your country of origin.

Azores is the only exception to this rule since it is always one hour earlier than the rest of Portugal mainland and Madeira.

If you're arriving from Spain you have to change your clock to one hour earlier.

If you're coming from New York (USA) you have to change it to five hours ahead.

In Portugal we usually use the 24-hour clock, so 1PM is 13h00, 2PM is 14h00 and so on.

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