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Lisbon Safety Tips

Parque Eduardo VII Statue. Welcome to the Lisbon Safety Tips page!

As I already told you, Lisbon is a safe city. One of the safest capitals of all Europe. No doubt. 

But still, you always have to be careful.

I don't mean to scare you with this page. That's not it. At all. 

But, unfortunately I see some tourists being conned by some pickpockets because they are unaware.

My best advice is: Always play safe and be alert!

Thieves are looking for distracted people and avoid the confrontation with someone who is alert.

These "street artists" (pickpockets) are always looking for an opportunity to deceive you and take your belongings.

Some of the following Lisbon safety tips may seem too obvious, but the truth is that when we are on vacation we tend to relax, "switch off" and not pay to proper attention to our belongings and to what's happening right beside us.

Please read the following Lisbon safety tips.

My 10 Lisbon Safety Tips

1 - Never carry too much money with you and don't show it off.

Try to calculate how much you'll need for the day and leave the rest of the money in your hotel safe or in any safe place. 

If you need to carry a significant amount of money, don't carry it in your wallet. That's an easy target. Just hide it well. 

The best thing is to keep small amounts of money separated. Then when you need to pay for something, you don't have to take it all out all of your wallet.

2 - Don't carry your money and your tickets in your bag.

Keep them separated from the other belongings and from each other.

If you have one of those little bags that you can wear under your shirt or sweater, great. Put it there and always carry this bag in front of you.

3 - Don't show off your cameras or other expensive items by having them hung around your neck.

Keep your valuable items out of sight. Put your camera in your inside jacket pocket.

If it's too big for this then put it in a small bag (but not a camera bag - choose an ordinary day bag).

Have the bag strap go diagonally over your neck and shoulder so that it goes under your arm - this makes it much more difficult for someone to snatch your bag.

Remember to keep the bag in front of you - not at your side.

4 - Be careful with your haversack.

Don't carry your haversack on your back, especially when you are using the Metro and other public transportations.

This will be an easy target for Pickpockets. If you use one, wear it the other way around placing the bag in front of you.

5 - Pay attention to your belongongs while you are in Restaurants or Caf├ęs.

This is where we tend to relax more. After all we are having a drink or a meal and we just want to enjoy it without having to worry about anything else.

I know what it is like. I've been there. But you don't want to make these "street artists" life easier.

Always pay attention to your belongings and never leave them unattended.

If you want or need to leave them for a while, ensure that they are secured in such a way that it would be hard for them to be picked up.

Also, don't leave your wallet in your jacket if you put it on the back of a chair.

6 - Play safe in the public transportations.

If you are using one of the public transportations (Train, Metro or Bus) you must be especially careful. These are the favourite places for Pick pocketing.

This happens because these transportations are sometimes full and so there can be legitimate reasons for someone to press up against you or to be in close vicinity to you, like getting on or off.

7 - Avoid walking in dark isolated back streets, especially if you are alone.

Once again, be cautious!

Don't go into the old neighbourhoods at night, except if this is a place of night life with people on the streets like Bairro Alto.

Even there you should always try to go with company.

Dark isolated back streets are places to avoid even if you're not alone.

8 - Avoid the accumulation of people or at least be alert.

Sometimes, you can be attracted to an accumulation of people prepared to distract you.

Be alert and keep your bag, your camera and your wallet secure. Not all accumulation of people is a scam but you should always be alert.

If someone is gambling in the street or trying to guess something (like which cup has the ball), don't enter the game.

It is a scam! You won't win and they will take your money. Just walk away.

Remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

9 - Enjoy the beaches wisely.

When on the beach do not leave your belongings unattended.

If you're going to do some sunbathing, running on the beach or just take a dive in the ocean be sure to leave any valuables locked up in the hotel safe or any other safe place.

10 - Make sure you have a travel insurance policy.

And don't forget to fully understand all your obligations and meet the terms of the policy before you leave your country.

Some policies demand that you prove the value of the things you are ensuring with the respective receipts.

After reading the Lisbon Safety Tips I must say to you once again that Lisbon is a safe city. You shouldn't expect to robbed. But please, be cautious.

I want you to have only good memories and happy stories to tell your friends about Lisbon. And that will be very easy if you follow these Lisbon safety tips.

Also, it helps if you blend with the locals and avoid those tourist typical clothes that drive too much attention.

Know what I mean? Too colourful shirts and so on... Even with a high temperature...

If you are considering driving in Lisbon, be sure to read the Drive in Lisbon article.

Lisbon Emergency Information

In case of emergency you have these resources available to you:

Do you have a story to tell us? 

Please do it here and help alert other fellows by adding more Lisbon safety tips.

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