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Lisbon Attractions -
you just can't miss them!

The best off all Lisbon Attractions is the city itself!

Liscob Nicola Cafe.Walking through the streets of the old neighbourhoods, drinking a coffee in a pavement cafe, talking to the local people or just looking from the top of a hilltop miradouro are some of the best enjoyable moments you can have in Lisbon.

But Lisbon also has a lot of attractions you must see. And I guarantee you won't be disappointed by any of them.

Lisbon Belem Tower.One of the most important attractions in Lisbon is the World Heritage Belem Tower. This is truly a fantastic piece of the manueline architectural style that was developed during the age of the discoveries.

This must be the most photographed monument in Lisbon and a must see!

Along with the Belem Tower you have the amazing Jeronimos Monastery, also classified as World Heritage.

The Lisbon Downtown, known as the Pombaline Downtown (named afterLisbon Funicular. Marquês de Pombal who oversaw the downtown rebuilding after the 1755 Earthquake), is also a must see.

It is full of street shops, cafes, restaurants and pastelaries where you can taste some delicious cakes and desserts.

If you're looking for a charming and fun way to climb the hills of Lisbon, try one of the colourful funiculars or trams available to you.

Get one and go to the old neighbourhoods or climb to the Saint George's Castle and enjoy a great view to city and the Tagus River.

Another amazing viewpoint to the city is the Monument of Christ King in the other side of the river.

Go to the Parque das Nações and appreciate the modern buildings and architecture all nestled alongside to the river.

Lisbon Oceanarium.Representing all oceans of the Earth you have available to you the world class Oceanarium.

This authentic live museum has thousands of fish, birds and mammals in rooms and tanks at the right temperature with the right atmosphere.

You just can't miss it because this modern and giant aquarium is one of the biggest Lisbon Attractions nowadays!

If you like animals outside the water, you can visit the city Zoo. Here youLisbon Zoo. can find a wide variety of species from almost every continent. Lions, tigers, hippos, rhinos, zebras, giraffes, monkeys, and so on...

Besides these animals, you can have a great time watching the dolphin's show, appreciate the "Enchanted Forest"  with free-flying exotic birds and much more...

Visit the unique collections of the Museums like the Tile Museum and go to the Gulbenkian Museum to see the also unique Lalique jewellery displayed.

Lisbon Fado House.Go to a Fado House and enjoy a delicious typical meal with a fine wine and listen to an artist singing the Fado live. Tremendous emotional experience! No doubt.

Marvellous palaces and old churches combined with contemporary architecture make of Lisbon one of the most eclectical capitals of Europe. A charming and unforgettable place to visit on your holiday.

As you can easily see Lisbon Attractions will keep you busy and give you a sense of the city, its culture and history.

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