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Lisbon People:
"Welcome to Lisbon my friend!"

"Welcome to Lisbon my friend!". You should probably hear this when you come to Lisbon. Lisbon People are one of the most warm and tourist friendly people in the world

You see, we are used to deal with all kinds of people and history shows that we have always received people from all over the world with the famous "Portuguese hospitality".

This country has received lots of diferent people since the barbarians, the romans and the arabs. All have passed and left some memories and constructions that you can now appreciate.

And although there have been some fights to take control of this peace of land known as Portugal, the truth is that in general everybody was always welcome as long as they came in piece.

Lisbon People and Tourists.Nowadays, you can find people from all countries of the world and from all human races visiting, living and working in Lisbon.

With all this diversity you should expect some cultural conflicts, but the fact is that Lisbon is one of the most safest cities in all Europe because our natural aptitude to deal with the diversity makes everybody welcome, without exception.

So, don't be worry about coming to Lisbon. You are welcome! And Lisbon People will certainly show you what makes this city such a great place to live, work and visit!

If you need any kind of help you just have to ask to the person besides you in the street and they will help you (if they are able, of course).

A word of caution: always play safe! Altough I talked about the general behavior of the people in Lisbon, you always have to be careful about people with other (evil) intentions.

Don't be naive thinking everybody is a good person. Some aren't and are always looking for ways to take advantage of you. I'm building a Safety Tips page to let you know more.

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