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Lisbon Arraiais Populares

During the celebrations of the Popular Saints, all over the city you can find the Lisbon Arraiais Populares.

These are huge popular parties on the streets.

The Arraiais Populares are more traditionally celebrated in old neighbourhoods but you can find them in lots of other places.

Thousands of people come to the street to celebrate.

I've been there with some friends!

Marco and friends in Lisbon Arraiais.

You can eat, drink, dance and meet new people. In other words - have a blast!

Alfama, Mouraria, Madragoa, Castelo and are the most popular of the all old neighbourhoods.

You can barely walk in the street, because it's absolutely crowded!

The bars are open to public and people (especially young people) dance outside. The music here is not the traditional Portuguese popular music.

Here you can listen to some modern and disco music.

(Click on the pictures to enlarge.)
Lisbon Arraiais Populares.

Lisbon Arraiais Populares.

Lisbon Street Party.

Don't be surprised to see some unexpected things.

Some shops (like for example, a butchery or a clothes shop) have the doors opened to sell cold water, beer and other drinks.

Others, like this Antiques House (in the picture below), play some music to the street for us to dance. Very cool...

Lisbon Shop playing music to the street.

In these nights, anything can happen here in Lisbon...

Check out more photos of the Arraiais Populares bellow.

Lisbon Arraiais Populares.Lisbon Arraiais Populares.Lisbon Arraiais Populares.

Lisbon Arraiais Populares.Lisbon Arraiais Populares.Lisbon Arraiais Populares.

(Click on the pictures to enlarge.)


Never forget that, better than watching some pictures, is being there and experiment it by yourselves!

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