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Lisbon Translator - 
How do you spell it?

Use the Lisbon Translator choosing English to Portuguese to find out how to say, write and spell an English word in Portuguese.

Or, if you find a Portuguese word that you don't know and want to find out what it means, please, use the Translator choosing Portuguese to English.

For your convenience I included two translators - one Eglish to Portuguese and other Portuguese to English.

Of course, you can do the translation you like, using the idioms you prefer since this translator is not limited to Portuguese and English.

Also, I have included some traditional words in the Lisbon Travel Dictionary that you might use in your visit to Lisbon already in both idioms.

If you like, check them out before using the translators.

Are you looking for food related items? Go to the Lisbon Food Dictionary.

Have you found what you were looking for? If not, try to search it in the rest of the Lisbon Tourist Guide.

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