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Airport to Algarve by Bus

Are you landing in the Lisbon International Airport (Portela)?

Do you want to go from the airport to Algarve by Bus?

I'll tell you the best way to do it. I will also show it to you with pictures (click to enlarge). Because a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

So, if you want to take a Bus (Expresso) to Algarve you have to go to the Lisbon Bus Terminal located in Sete-Rios.

This is not very far from the Airport but you have to catch a Taxi or the AeroShuttle to get there.

Once you are there you can buy your ticket and take the Bus (here we call it Expresso) to the city or place in Algarve that you want.

But, to make your life easier, I'll show you how to do it with a few easy steps.

1. Land in the Lisbon International Airport.

Don't forget to check your luggage to see if everything is ok.

 Lisbon International Airport.

2. Look for this Airport Exit (Saída/Exit 2).

Lisbon International Airport Exit 2.

3. Go to the AeroShuttle Bus Stop.

It's right in front of the Airport Exit, so you can't miss it. AeroShuttle passes every 30 minutes.

Airport Aeroshuttle Stop.

4. When the AeroShuttle arrive, ask the driver if it is heading to Sete-Rios.

You have to ask the driver to be sure, because the same Bus Stop is used to go to other directions. (You don't want to go the wrong way, right?)

Aeroshuttle to Bus Station.

5. Enter the AeroShuttle and buy your tickets.

One adult ticket costs 3,5 Euros.

Lisbon Airport Aeroshuttle.

6. Arrive to Sete-Rios.

Aeroshuttle Sete-Rios.

7. Get out of the AeroShuttle.

Aeroshuttle Signal.

8. Cross the street to go to the Bus Station (Terminal dos Expressos).

Sete Rios.

9. Enter the Bus Station (Rede-Expressos).

Lisbon Bus Station.

10. Buy your ticket at the Ticket Office (Bilheteiras)
You can also buy it online before you arrive at www.rede-expressos.pt. Only seven days available.

Sete Rios Bus Terminal Tickets.

11. Check out the Expresso number and the time of departure (partida).

Sete Rios Bus Terminal Screen.

12. Enter the Expresso and enjoy the tour

Lisbon Bus Terminal (Station).

If you decide to take a Taxi (in the picture below), just follow the steps 1-3 and then take the taxi right in front of the Airport Exit.

Lisbon International Airport Taxi.

The taxi driver will leave you inside the Expresso Terminal.

After that, just follow the steps 10-12.

I hope this information helps go from the Lisbon Airport to Algarve by Bus.

If you have any additional question, please contact-me.

Remember to reserve some time to visit Lisbon while you are in Portugal. Lisbon is one of the most amazing capitals of all Europe.

See why you have to come to Lisbon!

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