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Discover the Lisbon Airport -
Portela International Airport

Lisbon Airport, named "Aeroporto da Portela" due to its location, is the largest internacional airport of Lisbon (and Portugal). It's located between Lisbon and Loures and currently is going through some expansion work.

Unlike other airports throughout Europe, the Portela International Airport is located very close to center of the city. So you don't have to travel a long time after landing in the airport.

Lisbon Airport.

New Airport in progress

Projects for a new airport outside the city are ready and the construction will begin soon. Maybe it will be ready in ten years. Maybe...

The main idea is to avoid running out of capacity in this airport and continue to receive the thousands of visitors that arrive every year to Lisbon.

Lisbon Airport Plane.

Where is it on the Map?

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After arriving to the Airport

From the airport you can take a Aerobus directly to the center of the city (line 91), available every 20 minutes from 7AM to 9PM. Or you can take the bus (lines 5, 8, 22, 44, 45 and 83). Find out the prices of the aerobus and the buses and more practical tips here.

If you prefer you can take a Taxi. Charge wil be according to the meter and it's costs around €10 to get to the center of the city during the day and a little more at night.

Beware of dishonest taxi drivers (they are everywere and also in Lisbon). They will see that you're a tourist and might be tempted to charge you more than they should.

Tip. Tip

Always ask the driver how much he estimates the fare will be before entering the taxi. This will significantly dimish the chance for dishonest behavior.

Alternately, you can buy a taxi-voucher in the airport. This way you pay a fixed amount and you do'nt have to worry about arguing about the price.

Depending the distance you want to cover, the price of the taxi-voucher varies between €13.28 and €23.16 during the day and between €15.94 and €27.91 during the evenings, weekends and non-working days.

Are you arriving to Lisbon Airport and want to take a Bus to Algarve? I'll show the best way to go from the Airport to Algarve by Bus.

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