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Lisboa Restaurant Card

Lisboa Restaurant Card. With the Lisboa Restaurant Card, you have the opportunity to try some of the Lisbon best restaurants and save some money in the process.

With this card you can have discounts in more than 35 restaurants in Lisbon.

It is valid for 72 hours and the discounts are always above the 10%.

I'll soon give you more information about where to eat and use you restaurant card in the Lisbon restaurants page.

Where can I buy it?

You can buy your Lisbon Restaurant Card in any Tourist Information Office or at the Lisbon Airport.

How much is it?

The Lisbon Restaurant Card prices are the following:

72 hours - Single (1 person)  6,50 €
72 hours - Double (2 persons) 72 hours 8,10 €
72 hours -  Family (2 ad + 2 chd 14 years)  10,75 €
72 hours -  Double (Promo Lx Card) 0,00 €

Sometimes you can enjoy their promotion of buying the Lisboa Card and get one free double Restaurant Card.

Always ask if it is available when buying it.

Only one meal should be enough to make it worth it.

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