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Lisbon Boat Stations -
Getting to Lisbon by Boat

I just love crossing Tagus River catching a boat in one of the several Lisbon Boat Stations that you can find in your visit. I think it is an amazing experience, althought I don't do it as often as I would like. You see, I'm already in the "right" (meaning Lisbon) side of the river...

Lisbon boat crossing River Tagus.

I'm sure you will love it too. But first, you will have to find out where the boat stations are, right?

Don't worry, I'll show them to you in a map and here is a link to the company that operates the boats (Transtejo) in order for you to know the updated schedulles and charges of each boat ride.

There are three main boat stations in the Lisbon side of the river - Belém, Cais do Sodré and Terreiro do Paço - and five in the other side (south side to be more precise) - Trafaria, Cacilhas, Barreiro, Montijo and Seixal.

Boat Routes

Here are the routes to Lisbon (use this information with the map shown bellow for a easier understanding):

From To
Trafaria Belém
Cacilhas Belém or Cais do Sodré
Barreiro Terreiro do Paço
Montijo Cais do Sodré
Seixal Cais do Sodré

Boat Stations Map

With the precious help of Google Maps, I buid a map of the boat stations in Lisbon. Please, navigate through the map or watch the locations marked on the satellite view and get familiar with the boat stations.

If you have any doubts, please contact me.

Keep traveling to the other pages. There's much more to see...

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