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Former Lisbon Coins

In this page I present to you the former Lisbon coins.

When the Euro was introduced in Portugal there were seven different coins in circulation:
  • 1 escudo
  • 5 escudos
  • 10 escudos
  • 20 escudos
  • 50 escudos
  • 100 escudos
  • 200 escudos
The smallest one was the 1 Escudo coin and the biggest one was the 200 Escudos coin (approximately 1 Euro in today's currency).

Below are the pictures of them all.


Click on the pictures to enlarge.

1 Escudo

1 Escudo Coin.

5 Escudos

5 Escudos Coin.

10 Escudos

10 Escudos Coin.

20 Escudos

20 Escudos Coin.

50 Escudos

20 Escudos Coin.

100 Escudos

100 Escudos Coin.

200 Escudos

200 Escudos Coin.

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