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Portuguese Escudo

Lisbon former currency is the Portuguese Escudo.

Accordingly to the ISO 4217 standard, the code was "PTE".

The symbol of the former Portuguese currency was the cifrão Cifrão..

The cifrão was placed between Escudos and centavos like on the image below that shows the 2,5 Escudos or 2 Escudos and 50 centavos.

Since 2002, the Escudo was definitely replaced by the Euro.

The permanent conversion rate between Escudos and Euro, defined on the 31th December 1998, was the following:

1 Euro equals 200,482 Escudos (the comma divides the Escudos from the Centavos).

Lisbon Former Coin - the Escudo.

(Note that the coin shown above was no longer in circulation when the Euro appeared.)

At the time of the introduction of Euro there were 7 different coins in circulation:
  • 1 escudo
  • 5 escudos
  • 10 escudos
  • 20 escudos
  • 50 escudos
  • 100 escudos
  • 200 escudos
See the Portuguese Former Coins here.

There were also 5 different Banknotes in circulation:
  • 500 escudos
  • 1.000 escudos
  • 2.000 escudos
  • 5.000 escudos
  • 10.000 escudos
    See the Portuguese Former Banknotes here.

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