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Lisbon Metropolitan Area

  Lisbon Metropolitan Area is indeed one of the most relevant regions of all Europe.

It's composed by these 18 municipalities listed below (largest to smallest, by population):
  • Lisbon
  • Sintra
  • Loures
  • Amadora
  • Cascais
  • Oeiras
  • Almada
  • Seixal
  • Odivelas
  • Vila Franca de Xira
  • Setúbal
  • Barreiro
  • Moita
  • Mafra
  • Palmela
  • Montijo
  • Sesimbra
  • Alcochete

The municipalities located at the north side of the Rio Tejo (Tagus River)  - Amadora, Cascais, Lisboa, Loures, Mafra, Odivelas, Oeiras, Sintra and Vila Franca de Xira -, are included in the Lisbon District.

The municipalities located at the south side of Rio Tejo - Alcochete, Almada, Barreiro, Moita, Montijo, Palmela, Seixal, Sesimbra and Setúbal -, are included in the Setúbal District.

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Lisbon Metropolitan Area.


It's the largest population concentration in Portugal with more than 2,808,000 inhabitants (more than 1/4 of the Portuguese population). The active population exceeds the 1.3 million.

About 33% of the national employment is located here and this region contributes with more than 36% to the Gross Domestic Product.


It covers and area of approximately 2,960 Km2 (about 3,2 % of the territory of Continental Portugal.

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